An inquiry into gamification services: practices, experiences and insights

Arnab, S. , Nalla, M. , Harteveld, C. and Lameras, P. (2015) 'An inquiry into gamification services: practices, experiences and insights' In: Proceedings of The International Gamification for Business Conference, 'The International Gamification for Business Conference 2015 '. Held 21-22 September 2015 at Birmingham, UK . Aston University

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Adding game mechanics and game design thinking into non-game scenarios, known as gamification has demonstrated impact in improving engagement, nurturing attitude and behaviour, and facilitating learning. Gamification techniques applied in business commonly aims to engage customers as well as employees, often respectively implemented as customer-facing websites and employee-facing internal applications. However, as gamification rises in popularity within the business community, companies may feel pressured to start applying it to their websites and business processes and may do this without a thorough understanding of what it entails or how to proceed. In order to get insight into the best practices of business gamification, this paper discusses findings based on semi-structured interviews conducted with four senior management of companies with extensive knowledge of and experience with gamification, covering five main themes: methodology, design, administrative, issues and insights. The aim is to provide understanding of the design and implementation of gamification projects in business and to demonstrate the potential of extracting considerations for gamification design and development based on the experience of gamification vendors.


Item TypeConference_item (paper - published)
TitleAn inquiry into gamification services: practices, experiences and insights
Authors Arnab, S. (profile-link for )
Nalla, M.
Harteveld, C.
Lameras, P. (profile-link for )
Departments Serious Games Institute (SGI)
Engineering and Computing
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