Towards performance prediction using in-game measures

Arnab, S. , Imiruaye, O. , Liarokapis, F. , Tombs, G. , Lameras, P. , Serrano-Laguna, A. and Moreno-Ger, P. (2015) 'Towards performance prediction using in-game measures' , '2015 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association'. Held 16-20 April 2015 at Chicago, USA.

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The efficacy of a learning process is influenced by the quality of teaching, learning support and environment. This requires effort in tracking how students learn. This paper explores the use serious games in order to help understand the learning process, where interaction data during a play-learn session can be captured. The focus is on the use of in-game data, analyzed using Learning Analytics techniques, and discusses the potential of such an approach to predict learners’ performance. Gameplay data were collected from various play-learn sessions based on a First Aid Game. Results indicate that in-game measures can help to understand students’ progress and predict their performance, providing opportunities for individual support to be provided to learners.


Item TypeConference_item (paper - published)
TitleTowards performance prediction using in-game measures
Authors Arnab, S. (profile-link for )
Imiruaye, O.
Liarokapis, F.
Tombs, G. (profile-link for )
Lameras, P. (profile-link for )
Serrano-Laguna, A.
Moreno-Ger, P.
Uncontrolled Keywordsserious games; performance prediction; user studies; learning analytics; game-based learning
Departments Engineering and Computing/SGI - Serious Games Institute
Engineering and Computing
University/Centre for Disruptive Media
Deposited on 12-Aug-2015 in Research - Coventry.
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