Integrating games into the classroom: towards new teachership

Ketamo, H. , Kiili, K. , Arnab, S. and Dunwell, I. (2013) 'Integrating games into the classroom: towards new teachership' in S. de Freitas , M. Ott , M.M. Popescu and I. Stanescu (Eds). New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration (pp: 114-135). IGI Global

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The game-based learning approach has already shown its strengths from the learners’ point of view. However, there are numerous unrevealed ways to support teachers’ work within the game-based approach. Unfortunately, games that exclude the teacher from the game-based learning process dominate the markets, which is of great concern. Thus, the aim of this chapter is to study the use of novel game features that enable teachers to participate in game-based learning events. In this chapter, the teacher’s role in the game-based learning process is considered through several different game examples that are designed to fulfill both learners’ and teachers’ needs. The examples show that there are both computational and non-computational methods that can be used to support learning and teachers’ work in the game world. Based on previous results it can be argued that the diffusion of game-based learning can be facilitated only if both learners’ and teachers’ needs and goals are taken into account.


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TitleIntegrating games into the classroom: towards new teachership
AuthorsKetamo, H.
Kiili, K.
Arnab, S. (profile-link for )
Dunwell, I.
Uncontrolled Keywordsdigital games, education, classroom, teachers
Departments Engineering and Computing/SGI - Serious Games Institute
Engineering and Computing
Publisher statementThis chapter appears in New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration, edited by S. de Freitas, M. Ott, M.M. Popescu & I. Stanescu. Copyright, 2013, IGI Global, Posted by permission of the publisher.
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