The interrelationship between suppliers and the Hub organisation within supply networks*

Aina, M. C. (2016) The interrelationship between suppliers and the Hub organisation within supply networks*. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Coventry: Coventry University

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This thesis presents a further study on Dai and Zhang’s (2008) supply networks, which are Cost Saver, Adapter, and Multiple Driven. This concept is centred on hub or focal firm which is the core of the supply networks, built on Miles and Snow’s (2003) strategic typology. In Cost Saver supply network, the hub firm is ‘Defender’; for Adapter supply network it is ‘Prospector’, while in Multiple Driven supply network it is ‘Analyser’. This study explores the interrelationship between the hub and supplier’s configuration and its effect on organisational performance. A comprehensive literature review is carried out with reference to supply chain (SC), supply network (SN) and supply network management (SNM). It stretches to describing Dai and Zhang’s (2008) novel supply networks, its association with Miles and Snow’s theory, the supply network configuration concept, and further expatiates on the need for appropriate supplier configuration for improved performances within the supply networks. The key performance indicators (KPI) adopted for this work, the variables considered in the simulation modelling were evaluated. Usable data were collected from a sample of 630 suppliers, and 15 hub firms. This is accompanied by Hypotheses testing, Case study and Simulation experiments to fulfil the aims and objectives of this research. From the findings of this study, it is confirmed that organisations can be grouped as either the Defender, Prospector, Analyser or Reactor type according to the Miles and Snow typology. The investigation identified that for Multiple Driven, Adapter and Cost Saver supply networks, performances are most improved with an increase in the existence of suppliers of the same typology with the hub organisation within the supply network.


Item TypeThesis (PhD)
TitleThe interrelationship between suppliers and the Hub organisation within supply networks*
Authors Aina, M. C.
Uncontrolled Keywordssuppliers, supply network, Hub organisation
Departments Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing
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