Cloud computing based adaptive traffic control and management*

Jaworski, P. (2013) Cloud computing based adaptive traffic control and management*. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Coventry: Coventry University in collaboration with MIRA Ltd.

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Recent years have shown a growing concern over increasing traffic volume worldwide. The insufficient road capacity and the resulting congestions have become major problems in many urban areas. Congestions negatively impact the economy, the environment and the health of the population as well as the drivers satisfaction. Current solutions to this topical and timely problem rely on the exploitation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies. ITS urban traffic management involves the collection and processing of a large amount of geographically distributed information to control distributed infrastructure and individual vehicles. The distributed nature of the problem prompted the development of a novel, scalable ITS-Cloud platform. The ITS-Cloud organises the processing and manages distributed data sources to provide traffic management methods with more accurate information about the state of the traffic. A new approach to service allocation, derived from the existing cloud and grid computing approaches, was created to address the unique needs of ITS traffic management. The ITS-Cloud hosts the collection of software services that form the Cloud based Traffic Management System (CTMS). CTMS combines intersection control algorithms with intersection approach advices to the vehicles and dynamic routing. The CTMS contains a novel Two-Step traffic management method that relies on the ITS-Cloud to deliver a detailed traffic simulation image and integrates an adaptive intersection control algorithm with a microscopic prediction mechanism. It is the first method able to perform simultaneous adaptive intersection control and intersection approach optimization. The Two-Step method builds on a novel pressure based adaptive intersection control algorithm as well as two new traffic prediction schemes. The developed traffic management system was evaluated using a new microscopic traffic simulation tool tightly integrated with the ITS-Cloud. The novel traffic management approaches were shown to outperform benchmark methods for a realistic range of traffic conditions and road network configurations. Unique to the work was the investigation of interactions between ITS components.


Item TypeThesis (PhD)
TitleCloud computing based adaptive traffic control and management*
AuthorsJaworski, P.
Uncontrolled Keywordstraffic management, computer systems, traffic management system, intelligent transportation systems, cloud computing
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Traffic flow -- Measurement
Cloud computing
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Engineering and Computing/CTAC - Control Theory and Applications Research Centre
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